Powered Systems

Powered systems provide customers with less effort and faster heavy movement with minimal disruption to their operation.

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Hilman Powered Machine Moving Equipment

Work Faster with Less Effort

Make better use of your manpower by eliminating the need to push or pull the object with a forklift and reposition to make corners.

Large footprint...

Hilman Powered Machine Moving Equipment

Crawlers spread the weight of the load over a wider area while keeping the load close to the ground for safe moving.

...but a low profile.

Three-point Configuration

Integrate with other equipment to create safe three-point moving setups using our Tri-Glide or Omni-Skates.

Wireless powered moving solutions

Go Wireless

Battery Powered systems are available in the PowerAttack & TK-EVO that have no cord and no emissions.  Great for use in clean rooms, tunnels or for where exhaust fumes are an issue.

Real World Applications

Moving Injection Molding

Machinery Moving

Moving Industrial Equipment

Equipment Manufacturing

Engine Moves

Onshore Oil and Gas Skid

Medical Equipment Installation

Medical Equipment

Moving equipment


Moves offset

CNC Machines

Moving Engines

Equipment on Factory Floor

Moving Turbines

Intermediate Refining Skids

Hilman’s Advantage

  • 65+ years of real-world experience and expertise
  • Thousands of successful applications worldwide
  • In-house Engineering, Design, and Fabrication
  • Superior customer service & support
  • Proven Technology
  • ISO 9001 certified

Product Modifications

Standard customization options for any of our products.

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Custom Solutions

Made-to-order products built for your specific needs.

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Hilman engineers discussing custom solutions

Customer Stories

Hilman products make complex rigging and lifting a reality. Here are some examples of our work with industry leaders.